Syncretism in my work.

My work has an expressionist-symbolist style and I use mythologies from eastern and western civilizations. Syncretism is the combination or fusion of different beliefs, Philosophies, Mythologies or Religions, emphasizing an underlying unity that allows an inclusive approach to other faiths. Syncretism commonly has expressions in art and culture that can join together. I use Syncretism to develop patterns that reveal how our current culture opens itself into its different art’s functions to reflect our way of living, hopes and mistakes.

The purpose with my work is to find a way to communicate our history and where we are now so that people can understand that we have choices as to our present and future. Although my style has formal changes depending on the theme I choose, the purpose has not. I will continue to work on my presentation to create broader understanding to create a better future. The prophecies that are in every mythology, philosophy, or religion will be the same today as they were in ancient times. They become alive when the patterns that created that prophecy are repeated in history. They are a warning, that history will be repeated if the patterns are not acknowledged and behaviors changed. Many of the civilizations that we don’t know anything about today is because they were subjected to a decline that crystallizes in fear and anguish and a profound failure to return to the positive spirit that was in its roots. This is the key, to have the science of the spirit present. My focus is on these patterns.


Luis Ardila 2017